A Spotlight on the Dance Fitness Workforce

The recently published 2015 ‘Working in Fitness Survey’ by the Exercise, Movement & Dance Partnership and Skills Active, profiled key traits in the fitness workforce showing it to be passionate, committed and keen to help others reach their goals.  We shine a spotlight on the Dance Fitness and Group Exercise (X) area to highlight their specific top ten findings.

1. It’s an all female affair.

While two-thirds (66%) of the fitness industry is female a whopping 96% of Dance Fitness Instructors and 85% of Group X Instructors are women making it one of the highest proportions of female workforces across the whole economy.

2. They’re on the bright side.

38% are educated to degree or above making it 11% higher than the average population, which at the last census was 27%.

3. They’re a flexible lot.

80% of instructors and teachers are self-employed giving them the adaptability to fit their work around their families making a good work-life balance.

4. It brings in a rather nice wage.

With £14,500 being the typical part-time salary, being a Dance Fitness or Group X instructor keeps your bank manager (and you!) happy.  The average part-time salary is £9,089 (ONS, 2015) so the dance fitness workforce is way above the national average. With the potential for around £75 to £100 an hour we can see why.

5. They need more passionate people.

Of those working in the sector 48% feel there is a lack of qualified staff to meet demand. As Dance Fitness and Group X become more popular there’s a need for more qualified teachers and instructors  to give the classes to those who want to take part. It’s a potential growth area for the fitness sector and wider economy.

6. They’re not one trick ponies.

Dance Fitness Teachers teach an average of two styles each. With over 100 recognized styles to do classes in, there’s a lot to choose from to keep it fresh for the instructor and their participants.

7. Right up to speed and on trend.

Dance Fitness and Group X keeps up with new trends. 81% plan to train in new areas so they’re bringing the best to their classes. Training grants like those from the EMD Academy – www.emdacademy.org support this.

8. It’s all about the moves and the music.

Teachers and instructors said they were motivated by their love for dance, fitness and music. Some expressed how fulfilling they find it seeing people in their class grow in confidence and happiness. 12% love it so much they teach on top of their normal day jobs too!

9. It good to be part of a group.

We all know exercising in a group keeps you motivated and encouraged. This applies to the teachers and instructors as well. 63% would be interested in joining a membership body of like-minded professionals that would support and help them.

10. It’s not all a walk in the park (or studio!)

There are challenges, these showed up as: keeping regular participant attendance; seasonal fluctuations; knowing how to promote classes; and getting leisure providers and gyms to take a punt on trying new trends and gaining regular studio slots.


Ross Perriam, CEO of the Exercise, Movement & Dance Partnership said: “ We have a healthy and inspiring workforce who, while there are challenges, have a good working life that gives them flexibility and vibrancy in today’s fitness sector. We are keen to support and champion teachers and instructors’ needs to get more people enjoying dance fitness and Group X. We will use the findings of the ‘Working In Fitness’ Survey to work with our members and thought-leaders in the EMD Insight Group to continue to improve the workforce and participation.“

To see the Executive Summary please click here.

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