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Medau Movement

  • … is a tried and tested form of exercise that has been practised safely in the UK for over 60 years
  • … exercises have an organic flow and fluidity: a preparation, execution and outcome. Based on natural body movements, you will neither strain your muscles, nor become exhausted.
  • … lessons will strengthen your core and exercise all major muscle groups and give you a safe cardiovascular work out
  • … will improve your co-ordination and balance
  • … teachers are trained to teach each class and each participant within it; there are no set routines to learn and no competition. Each lesson is tailored to YOUR needs and those of your fellow class members
  • … uses small hand-held apparatus to encourage and extend movement
  • … classes include a variety of rhythms to influence the dynamics of movement during each session
  • … is suitable for all age groups and all abilities
  • … is FUN



Medau Rhythmic Movement originated in Germany and takes its name from its founder, Hinrich Medau who studied music, sport and gymnastics before opening his first Medau College in Berlin in 1929. He used a variety of rhythms and improvisations on the piano, experimenting first with a ball then with other light handheld apparatus especially the hoop and club.

In Germany the Medau College went from strength to strength and moved to its current home in Coburg in 1952. After Hinrich’s death, his son Jochen assumed leadership and introduced both physiotherapy and speech therapy to the College.

Medau Movement was introduced to the UK over 60 years ago and remains a well respected form of exercise and movement, focussing on correct posture and body alignment whilst simultaneously being dynamic and uplifting. With the help and support of the Central Council of Physical Recreation (now Sport and Recreation Alliance), the first externally examined course for Medau teachers was established in 1955. It continues to run courses today.

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